If you could change the way you do things, what would you change? Would you change your art? Would you change how you interact with clients? Both?

Now, what’s stopping you? Fear is not the right answer, although it’s likely to be the one you’re giving if you really think about it. Fear of the unknown. “This might happen if I do that,” is a common refrain. So you remain stuck, frozen by uncertainty and fear. Just one question…when you got started in this business, what were you afraid of? Hardly anything, of course. Circumstances may have changed somewhat, but the need for you to create your art hasn’t abated. In fact, it’s scratching at the door, asking if it can come back and see you. Just think: What is the worst that could happen? Is it really that bad?

Now, go and change things. Use that abundant imagination of yours to make it the way you want it to be.

Sky ride at the West Virginia State fair.