We don’t think about our cable/satellite provider when we’re sitting and watching a game. We only think about the cable company when there’s a reason for it such as an outage or when we want to change services. If this is the case, it makes sense for the cable company to make that rare and isolated experience the best it can possibly be. IVR’s are supposedly helpful to companies because they improve efficiency and eliminate costs. But combined with wait times and empty statements of our business being important to them. They are losing the opportunity to delight us, especially when armed with the knowledge that our opinion of them is formed primarily when something goes wrong. True caring is more than mere words.

Now that you have an example of how not to delight your client, you can think about this point and how your next client phone call might end up with them exclaiming, “Gosh, I love her!” People–your clients–simply want to be heard. Will that be through a robot or through a human?

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