Sometimes the clients we thought were a perfect fit for us went with a competitor. Does this happen to you? It can happen more frequently than we’d like.

A colleague was lamenting the loss of business to a specific competitor. He was stuck, pencil and blank paper in hand, about what to do about it. I asked him to answer two questions:
1. What do I do better than anyone else? A corollary is what do I do differently than anyone else? This later question is especially key for creatives.
2. What of my clients problems am I uniquely positioned to help them solve?

Knowing the answers to those two questions should be driving everything you do, not just from a marketing and sales perspective, but from a creation and follow-up perspective.

Each and every one of your touch points with clients and potential clients should be addressing these basic ideas, for that is how they decide whether or not you’re a good fit for them. Most clients don’t know enough about your art to ask the well-informed questions. So look through your web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, phone support, and ask yourself how well each of these harmoniously fits the answers you’ve given. If there’s no harmony, change what you need until there is. Until there is, you’ll continue to either not get the client, or perhaps even worse, get the wrong client.

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