Sometimes creatives, in an attempt to differentiate themselves, will do things with their web sites that, while certainly accomplish that task, don’t do much for helping their clients decide if they’re a good fit. For example, I’ve noticed several photographers’ web sites whose contact form includes some variant on a question:

“Red wine, white wine, or beer?”
“Coffee, tea, or Coke?”
“Big bird, Ernie, or Cookie Monster?”

Huh? I’m trying for the life of me to figure out what purpose these inane questions serve other than to hinder their potential client in reaching out to connect. Which of their clients is going to sit and contemplate, “Oh gosh, now that you ask, I think I’m all about Big bird.” Moreover, what is the creative going to do with that information?

The most important question is, if you’re a creative and you’re asking questions like this, how does the answer help you tailor your response to best suit their needs? If the answer is unclear, maybe it’s time to take down these types of questions and stick with the facts.