Have you ever noticed yourself agreeing with someone’s opinion about a product/service/person only because you wanted to belong, to be accepted by the person espousing the opinion? Never mind what you actually thought of the product/service/person, or whether you even had an opinion. You were there to belong, to gain acceptance by being agreeable.

When this is done on a large scale, this product/service/person can be the subject of significant faux adoration until the group eventually realizes there wasn’t any reason for the buzz in the first place, and they collectively move on to the next shiny new thing.

Do you have what it takes to forge your own path, to thoughtfully consider the opinions of others without wholesale agreement and, when it’s demanded of you, to lead? Or will you thoughtlessly follow the herd?

And if you’re the subject of a herd’s adoration, consider the reason for it. It should not affect you or your work, for you are not forged from their steel. You are made of your own alloy. Live up to it.