I always felt the company name Constant Contact was kind of silly. From a consumer standpoint, who wants to be in constant contact with anyone? We need breaks even from our families, let alone Sundance and Pottery Barn.

This past weekend has been a version of this, what with companies of all stripes contributing negatively to the signal-to-noise ratio of our email inboxes. How? In some cases by sending Cyber Monday sale emails out on Sunday, Monday morning, Monday afternoon, and yes, Monday evening. All from the same store.

While this tactic might result in greater sales (after all, we’re all busy and sometimes forget about these things, so a reminder can be effective), what was the overall cost to the offending retailer? They once had a loyal following of customers who offered up their attention by giving up their email address to the retailer. And the retailer abused it, demanding more attention than what was necessary.  And the result? Recipients complained to their friends and family about the incessant emails.

So there’s a contact point for you. And a very negative one. So, dear retailers, maybe you’ve made the sale and won the battle, but in the end will you win the war? Questionable.