When you look at your competition, especially when everyone seems to be doing the same thing, do you get the urge to copy what they’re doing so you can keep up?


Doing that means you’re simply a commodity without anything compelling, and your customers will buy from you only if your prices are better than your competitor’s. If you’re looking to race to the bottom, that’s a great approach. But not so good for a successful organization based on service and trust.

Of course it makes sense to be aware of what your competitors are doing, and if you find yourself not keeping up with what your clients needs are (because your competition is), then yes, you need to address those issues. But not by copying what your competitor is doing. Instead, it’s best done by learning what really motivates and excites your customers, and then deliver something way beyond that which comes wholly from your mind and from your heart. Certainly not from a place of fear.

Simply offering something because others are doing it isn’t leading. It’s following. And it’s certainly not telling your story. It’s telling someone else’s, and in a way that’s not particularly beneficial to your client. Today, choose to be a leader.


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