Beer ads for so long now have regaled us with young attractive people hoisting a beer and having a good time in their ads. What’s interesting is that the same beer companies have used the same them for so many years. Of course these ads have little or nothing to do with the real experience of beer drinking, nor does it even adequately differentiate their brand (quick–name the brand of the latest beer commercial you saw). Yet they persist.

Newcastle, on the other hand, has created a marketing campaign which is irreverent and pokes fun at themselves, creating something memorable. While it doesn’t speak to the actual taste of the beer, that’s not the point. Now, people purchasing the beer are likely to remember the campaign and smile when they see the beer on the store shelves, and, Newcastle hopes, put a six-pack in their cart. Oh, and Newcastle backs it up with a very tasty brew.

Are you following the crowd and marketing yourself the same old way, or are you coming up with something different and memorable? Yes, of course it’s hard work. But you’re up for it, certainly.