In our modern society, we’re all bombarded with information, and with choices. But you, dear reader, don’t need to unnecessarily add to the cacophony.

Send to your clients only the information they need to make a decision, and then only when they need it. And when you do send out information, it should be accurate and pertinent to the customer. Example:

A couple of years ago my wife and I purchased a new car and, because of all the expensive-to-fix bells and whistles, decided to extended the manufacturer’s standard warranty. However, in recent weeks, we’ve been deluged with notices of varying urgency with requests to call to extend the standard manufacturer’s warranty. As if we hadn’t already done that. The car company, normally excelling in customer experience, is not only failing to know their customers (and tie in their own internal systems), they’re confusing their customers. It doesn’t make for a great experience and damages their brand.

Don’t damage your brand. Consider what your clients need (after all, you’re the one with the experience) and help them along that path. They’ll love you for it.