“If you play by the rules, you won’t get blamed if it goes wrong.” While this may be true, what’s the point? Why do you do what you do if your only purpose is to blindly follow the rules someone else laid down? Your actions are merely illustrative of bureaucracy, hardly those of an innovator or even someone who cares about others. It’s simply selfish.

So when you and your team set a goal and start planning your approach to achieve it, it’s your responsibility to at least consider, and sometimes even challenge, every rule along the way. Great organizations stay great by cultivating a culture of challenging assumptions on a regular basis.

If the organization you work for doesn’t encourage you to challenge the rules for the betterment of the customer, change the culture. If you can’t change the culture, maybe it’s time to consider a change of organization.


Jackson Square in the morning in New Orleans (infrared B&W photo).