A big factor in our decision to move to Boulder last year was its Community of Generosity. My wife and I had each lived in various and diverse places around the country and ultimately picked Boulder because its default collective behavior is one of helpfulness, without expectation of anything in return. (And of course proximity to the mountains, natch.)

It’s one of the key reasons the town is consistently economically vibrant.

When you come from a place of love rather than of fear, you contribute so much more not only to those around you, but to your own personal growth. 

Last week, the tech community hosted and sponsored the annual Boulder Startup Week, created by Andrew Hyde, generosity personified. It was filled with people sharing their experiences on art, design, tech, and community, and featured interactive events including a new-to-Boulder dinner for transplants. The week exemplified a Community of Generosity and I felt lucky to be a part of it–to listen, to share, and to volunteer. I’m a richer person as a result of the experience, as are many both in and outside our community.

But there’s no reason to highlight just one week of this. Let’s extend it…what will you design/build/ship based on generosity and love today?