While the post is geared toward Realtors, you don’t have to be one to learn from what successful retailers do to attract and maintain loyal customers.

Your goal should be to facilitate a buyer to fully and emotionally immersing themselves in a home, and these five tips can get you the perfect buyer more quickly.

1. Give space to explore

Retailers learned long ago to give shoppers plenty of “white” space to peruse. A home will have an inherent flow to it, and if you’re standing in that path, it disrupts not only the buyer’s physical flow, but the mental one too. Good Realtors will stay away from space entries, inviting exploration. Violating this makes visitors uncomfortable, and breaks their imaginative thought about how they would live in the space.

2. Get closer only with permission

Following the buyer around like a puppy dog looking for a scratch behind the ears only irritates your buyer. Sure, you’re letting them roam freely, but you’re distracting them too. Let them take in the home’s attributes by themselves. They’re adults–they can handle it.

3. Be helpful but not pushy

Buyers may have questions, but once you’ve introduced yourself and encourage them to ask questions, allow them to decide when and how to do that. Constantly pointing out this and that may be an informing the buyer. But the buyer will ask if they need information, and presenting it at the wrong time inhibits their ability to assimilate the space.

4. Show off the distinctions

Got a great view? Or maybe the seller is a master gardner? These positive attributes will help sell the house as long as you don’t hide them. If there’s a great view, why are the blinds shut? Are there appropriate and abundant light(ing) to show off the kitchen’s remodel? If the home has an in-home theatre, by all means play a movie and kick it up a notch with that installed surround sound.

If you have something strong that resonates with the buyer, they’ll be more likely to overlook other, more minor, issues. If it didn’t resonate, perhaps they’re not the right fit for the home. Accept it.

5. Be honest

When the buyer does ask questions, frame your answers as if you were answering a question you had asked. This is the point where the buyer has bought in on an emotional level, but is doing their due diligence by informing themselves further. Highlighting the huge garage three times while avoiding the question does nothing except annoy the buyer and leads them to distrust you. If there’s a life purchase in which trust is key, a home is it.

People buy with their hearts first, and with their heads second. By following these tips you will enable your buyers to more fully experience and buy your home in their hearts. Which is how it should be.

Not a Realtor? Each of these tips can be adapted to the way you do business. How will you make your buyer/customer/client’s experience more fulfilling so they feel incredibly comfortable buying what you’re selling?