A customer’s greatest commodity is their attention. They may grant us a bit of it because they care about our story and how their involvement with us makes them feel (the story they tell themselves, as Seth Godin puts it). Think you’re in competition because of your product or service? You’re just as much in competition for your customer’s attention. Many marketers suspect if they just shout a little louder (e.g., promote that Twitter post, send that additional promo email, ask about that new tank top) or with just the right words they’ll get just a little more consumer love.

How much do we have to beg for our customer’s love, really?

What’s the point where our fed-up and overloaded customers turn us off, like an awful reality TV show, pulling from us the one thing we value the most…their attention (and their wallets)? It’s different for every company of course.

Yet the wise ones–the ones engaging with their customers instead of shouting at them–innately know to keep their customers they must dedicate themselves to the customer journey–the entire experience with their brand. Marketing is merely a tool in that arsenal.

Like leading a horse to water, a marketer can bring a customer to the door, but the brand’s customer-centric experience design leads them in and keeps them there.

It’s time to stop shouting at our customers and time to start caring for them.

Hogback Ridge