How do you know who your target market is? How do they use your product or service, and in what context? Research is your first step toward effective product and experience design.

We’ll solidify your persona set, creating personas that are not only useful, but key to your continued product development and improvement. Contextual inquiry will take us “out of the building” to where your customers live and work, learning the context and purpose for using your product.

Some firms deliver the Minimum Viable Product. Together, we’ll produce the Minimum Viable Experience. We’ll accelerate your product design in context of your customers’ needs.

Through iterative testing during initial development and customer journey mapping, you’ll have a solid plan to ship your product at the version 3 level instead of settling for version 1. Establish and expand your market share earlier than you thought possible.

Don’t get caught thinking your brand is just your logo and colors, leaving to chance how your customers feel about your brand. A complete brand strategy helps purposely define every interaction point your customer has with you, from research and purchase, through use and support, and continued purchase and upgrades.

Your customers’ Moments of Truth can make or break your business. Make sure you know which ones matter to your customers.

Experience Design pulls it together. You can have a fantastic support team, or a superlative product your competition can’t touch, or the most beautiful, useful web site. Maybe you have all three and more. But if they’re not all in harmonious equilibrium, your customer will suffer. Truth is, most customers suffer from an incoherent, often accidental experience.

This is a prime competitive advantage for you. Now you can create a holistic, deliberate experience for each and every one of your customers. They’ll love you for it.